Il Gramsci “molecolare” di Giacomo Debenedetti: il problema politico dell’autobiografia


Posted on IGS Archive: 8 Nov 2020

Originally published in Historia Magistra . Rivista di storia critica n.12 | 2013

This paper aims to reconstructing the contribution that Giacomo Debenedetti gave to the understanding of the central connection in the gramscian thought between the polit- ical question of the autobiography – which was a gobettian theme – and the concept of «molecular». Already in 1947, contributing to award the Viareggio Prize to the Letters, Debenedetti wrote an essay (published in 1972 in «Rinascita») in which stressed the cen- trality of the «molecular» in the Gramsci’s «human method». Moreover, as it is shown in the debate appeared in 1962 in «l’Europa letteraria», Debenedetti, through his activity at «Il Saggiatore», plays a pivotal role in the publishing of the anthology 2000 pagine di Gramsci. It will contain unpublished writings concerning the issue of the autobiography and the molecular formation of personality. Togliatti in his review gave prominence to these aspects. Therefore, a way to a new possible reception of Gramsci was opened. Key words: Antonio Gramsci, Giacomo Debenedetti, Molecular, Autobiography, 2000 pagine di Gramsci, «l’Europa Letteraria». Parole chiave: Antonio Gramsci, Giacomo Debenedetti, Molecolare, Autobiografia, 2000 pagine di Gramsci, «l’Europa letteraria».